Sweden Is Not Only Wild but Also Excellent!

7 July 2014

Swedish Wildlife Safari Company earns top ranking, reviewed by travelers on the World’s largest travel site TripAdvisor.

Marcus Eldh, manager and wildlife guide at WildSweden is happy:

"During the past two years we have struggled to improve our customer experience in every way we can. We're sending out evaluation forms by email to clients after they return home from our trips. This gives us a lot of valuable ideas on how to improve our tours."

WildSweden is an inbound tour operator with full focus on wildlife watching, since 2003. Packages with viewing of Moose, Beavers, Wolves and Bears are their most popular holidays. This year they are receiving more than a 30 percent increase in bookings, mainly from British travelers. Their increased visibility on TripAdvisor is believed as one key factor for their success.

"Our quality work is now starting to pay off. Not only has the customer experience reached a higher level, but guests often say that they chose us much thanks to our positive reviews at TripAdvisor."