Spain, France, Australia & Cuba Arrivals Strong; Egypt & Greece Continue to be Popular

19 February 2013

Outbound British visitors continue to favor European destinations, with Spain in the lead, and are making the most of decreased airfares to America, giving the U.S. a small inbound boost. The British also remain interested in Greek and Egyptian holidays, despite the bumpy fiscal and political environments in those destinations.

Meanwhile, Australian inbound tourism has been buoyed by a 14 percent increase in overseas visitation from China since November 2012. The bump is due to increased flight routes and capacity to Shanghai, illustrating the power that infrastructure towards inbound Chinese tourism can make. China now represents Australia's third largest market, after New Zealand and the United Kingdom. While shifting their destination marketing to online channels and putting more funds toward marketing to Asia, authorities in Australia stated they plan to maintain a "balanced" marketing plan, including improvements in marketing towards the youth market, which represents over a quarter of their arrivals.

Cuba also welcomed a record number of visitors in 2012, with a 4.5 percent increase from 2011. Comprised mainly of Canadians and Europeans, the inbound industry is expected to hit 3 million visitors in 2013.