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Savas On The Go Spotlights ATTA Members in 12 Countries

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Surfing, salsa dancing, treasure hunting, and sailing. These are four of the twelve new skill sets Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) member Mike Savas is dedicating to learning via his Month in the Making project, or what he’s calling it: a midlife awakening

Savas has spent his life avoiding uniform motion and says he “constantly seeks out bizarre, categorically non-traditional, and massively rewarding experiences”. He is an adventure, travel, and entertainment industry veteran, who believes we all have the power to curate and live the life of our dreams. From Savas (likely while dancing through the streets of Colombia!) — “For me, this is more than just another exciting trip – in the adventure industry we’ve all had plenty of those but it’s time to do more. What the world needs now is hope, inspiration, positivity, human connection, and a bigger WHY. I believe that purpose-driven travel can connect people with each other, themselves, and their environments in more impactful ways by establishing a clearly defined objective and instilling more energy into the process. Everyone has the power to curate experiences for themselves that can expand and improve their lives, whether they’re traveling the world or not. Month in the Making will convey this message and inspiration through the experiences we share with a diversity of people, cultures, and skills – all while showing how you can give back along the way.

12 months. 12 countries. 12 unique skill sets. 

Savas has a strong resume for this effort. Through his company Superfan Live, he has circumvented the globe with massive changemakers and musicians. From Oprah to Bon Jovi, to The Rolling Stones, and Katy Perry, Superfan Live creates VIP experiences for fans that enhance and heighten their connection to their favorite performers. Savas is also the co-founder of Adventure Factory, which provides curated extraordinary adventure trips in the most extreme corners of the world, and Adventurers for Change, an organization dedicated to providing radical, immediate humanitarian relief in areas affected by natural disasters and other crises.

With his experiences and belief in the power of positive thinking in tow, Savas is delighted to be collaborating with ATTA for Month in the Making. The values of our teams are well aligned, as he shares with the ATTA a desire to empower the global travel community with information and inspiration to protect our collective natural and cultural capital. 

ATTA will partner with Mike in 2021 to support his Month in the Making global expedition with recommendations for exciting and values-aligned companies and places to visit from our global network. We’re also helping ensure his journey helps promote climate-conscious travel that deals responsibly with carbon emissions. As an ATTA member Mike will be offsetting his travels in 2021 through Neutral Together, the ATTA’s carbon offsetting program with South Pole, and also helping scale up carbon removal with permanent storage through his participation in Tomorrow’s Air, the world’s first-ever carbon removal collective for travel.

For the global ATTA membership, Mike’s Month in the Making expedition offers a way to showcase regenerative travel that benefits the environment and community to a new audience; we’re also looking forward to his monthly installments offering fresh and inspiring content for our and Tomorrow’s Air consumer audiences.

Christina Beckmann, who leads ATTA’s climate action initiative said, “Working with Mike Savas is a terrific opportunity for ATTA members to promote their inspiring travel experiences along with our climate action message. He’s a bridge to an audience that shares the values of our community but maybe hasn’t seen themselves as ‘adventure travelers’ in the past, and wouldn’t necessarily discover what we have to offer. As we build ATTA’s adventure travel and Tomorrow’s Air climate clever consumer audiences, I am really looking forward to the ways Mike will help make our climate action message accessible and fun.

Join us and  Savas on his pursuit for mind, body, and soul transformation. With the intention to inspire people to explore, grow, and learn, Savas is leaving his comfort zone (yet again) in search of motivating others. 

Stay tuned for details on Mike’s 12 countries and how to introduce your destination or company to him for a visit from Savas on the Go. Sample the first episodes at Month in the Making on YouTube and @savasonthego on Instagram.

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