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Resmark Systems Tour Operator Software Launches “Bright Angel” Custom Fields That Can Define Any Activity Outfitter Offers

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Resmark Systems, the premier marketing and reservation software platform for tour operators in the adventure travel industry, announces its July 20 release of “Bright Angel,” an upgrade that makes the system even more flexible and powerful for tour operators throughout North America. Included in this recent release is an exciting custom fields upgrade that allows outfitters to gather critical information of any kind for their activities.

“If a diving or rafting company has the need to collect information such as wetsuit size, for example, a Resmark client can create and pre-define a dropdown list of sizes that can be chosen for in-house and online reservations. They can also associate this wetsuit size only with applicable activities, leaving non-wetsuit adventures untouched,” says Bryce Cottam, Resmark’s Director of Technology.

This feature allows customers new to Resmark more latitude in importing existing customer databases after upgrading to Resmark from an old reservation system.

Chip Broyles, Client Success Manager for Resmark, said, “While we have always had a migration history field that allowed a new client to import past reservation history information, we wanted our new clients to be able to have a field labeled the same as they may have had in their old system. This new feature allows that to happen, and makes an upgrade to Resmark that much smoother, and that much more complete.”

Another feature of the enhanced version just released is the ability to handle online “tiered pricing” discounts. While many companies offer standard rates for adult and youth, many offer additional discounts for other pricing tiers, such as senior or child. Resmark’s latest upgrade allows for more accurate gathering of guests that fall into these discounted pricing tiers, and helps create a better overall online experience for the guest.

Another breakthrough concerns enhanced flexibility in accurately calculating taxes on a per agency basis, simplifying arrangements with outside sales agents and the management of sales taxes.

Resmark has also been keeping an eye on the world of mobile technology. Chad Allen, the designer at the helm of Resmark’s new design division called Resmark Interactive, said that by 2013 instead of using the traditional desktop computer, more internet users will use a mobile device to access their information.

“This is huge for outdoor adventure travel companies. Everything you can do to enhance the mobile experience your customers have with your online presence will go along way to filling space availability,” said Allen. “We’ve enhanced the online reservation process to allow for easier field entry for those customers who are trying to book a trip on phones and iPads. The easier it is, the more they’re likely to book.”

Now that this latest build has been released to their clients, the Resmark development team will finish the next release’s advanced features including new gift card payment functionality and capabilities that allow Resmark clients to automatically handle Groupon sales in an online setting.

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