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Quasar Expeditions

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Twenty-three years ago, Quasar Expeditions embarked on a mission to bring the natural wonder of the Galapagos Islands into the lives of travelers who live nature above all. Today, and almost 75,000 guests later, we continue to offer a unique experience unrivaled in this part of the world aboard our three world-class yachts: Alta, Grace and Evolution.

During the past two decades, Quasar Expeditions has provided its guests with one single assurance: when they choose to travel with us they will receive only the best service, accommodations, and guidance at each of the destinations we offer. Because we are greatly committed to giving our guests the adventure of a life-time, our staff at Quasar Expeditions, always makes sure that the needs of even the most demanding traveler are fulfilled. It has been precisely this ability to make our travelers happy that has earned us our reputation.

Time has taught us that the best way to experience the stunning Galapagos Islands is “hands-on”, through the many opportunities we make available for intimate interaction with the environment and full immersion among the many indigenous elements: the essential ingredients in our unique brand of Galapagos travel. Our guests enjoy their days on the land of Charles Darwin through the many activities we offer like snorkeling, sea kayaking, diving, walks & hikes and dinghy rides. Our unmatched itineraries allow us to take our guests to even the most remote and fragile visitor sites of the archipelago, which are off-limits for larger ships. Aboard our cruises guests get the full breath of the inner and outer islands of the archipelago. They are able to experience prime habitat and all the great peak experiences of the archipelago’s full diversity.

We offer travel in yachts and small groups with family and friends: in company – on other words – that guarantees as much exploration or family adventure as safety allows, without ever being “lost in a crowd.” Many outfitters offer excursions to the islands, for example, in cruise ships packed with 50 or 100 passengers. But in this remarkable are of the world, you can gain a greater sense of being at one wit the natural world with our philosophy of intimacy, which also allows us to provide just the right amount of attention each traveler needs for a memorable and personal adventure.

Our profound concern for these unique landscapes has resulted in an earnest commitment to make stewardship of the Earth an integral element of our expedition voyages, through the many organizations and environmental projects that we support. Quasar Expeditions strives – for our visitors and for the sake of future generations – to maintain the Galapagos’ natural wonders in the same pristine condition that first inspired our mission over two decades ago.

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