Private Travel, a Trend for Luxury Travelers in 2010

26 January 2010

Raleigh, North Carolina – Lark Tours announced
today that private travel is a growing trend for luxury travelers in 2010.
Continuing economic uncertainty is the driving force behind this increase,
causing travelers to seek out greater value for money.

Colin Camu, a managing travel specialist at Lark Tours, noted, "Over the
last several months there has been a marked increase in travelers booking
private vacations for 2010 and 2011. Based on what we are experiencing at
Lark Tours, and based on what we are hearing and seeing in the industry, it
appears that private travel in the luxury travel segment is gaining strong

According to Lark Tours, this shift towards private travel is a result of
four distinct factors, all of which translate into more value for money in
the minds of luxury travelers:

1. Luxury travelers want their dream itinerary and they are becoming
increasingly unwilling to compromise on any detail. Many travelers reason
that if they are going to spend $5000 to $8000 per person for a vacation,
excluding airfare, they should receive everything according to their
standards. Private travel provides clients with an itinerary that meets
their precise preferences, needs, departure date, etc.

2. Travelers are looking for authentic and intimate experiences. They want
experientially meaningful encounters in unique settings removed from the
crowd. Even "ultra-small" group departures consisting of 15 to 20 passengers
are too large. Private travel provides clients with a group consisting only
of the client and his or her travel companions.

3. Discerning travelers want more flexibility during vacation. They are
requiring more from their vacation provider, which includes being able to
make changes at any point before or during travel. Private travel offers
clients the flexibility to make changes on a whim, dictate the pace of each
tour, and make stops when they please.

4. Luxury travelers want a higher degree of individualized service,
especially while on vacation. Having a guide who must address the needs and
concerns of a large group simply does not meet the expectations of many
luxury travelers today. Private travel offers private guides throughout each
portion of the vacation.

"There are certainly other reasons contributing to the rise in the
popularity of private travel," states Colin Camu, "but these seem to be the
strongest motivators. I think we will continue to see an increase in demand
for private travel over the coming years."

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