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Pont Nautika Ltd.

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Pont Nautika is a young company which has gathered travel experts, skippers, professional climbers, divers, cyclists and other professionals from the active holiday industry, to present Croatia with tours and programs in a way that until now was not available.

With so many National parks, Nature parks, rivers, climbing resorts, mountains, islands, reefs, wrecks, in Croatia we can offer a single activity type or a combination activity type of tours. On the other side, Croatia is just a great place to party, so for those interested in activity travel and night life, this is just the place.

The best part is that you can ask us for opinion, because we also make a tailored type vacations. Just contact us, tell us what your passions are and we will reply with a tour option made only for you.

You will be stunned, delighted with people, food, places and activities! The only thing you need to do is write to us and the adventure starts.

Click here to connect with Pont Nautika on ATTA’s The HUB.

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