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Piper & Heath Travel’s Annual Africa Exposé Safari – Big Cat Conservation

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Annually, Piper & Heath Travel undertakes an expedition to explore and expose a unique African eco-tourism feature. The drive behind these adventures is to go experience Africa with safari enthusiasts, then come home and share the experience with the travel community at large. These trips are not-for-profit with the aim of spreading a specific message regarding the chosen feature which could be a country, tribe, animal, conservation area etc.

The expedition has a professional HD videographer as well as a professional photographer on board. Participants are also expected to provide diaries and interviews along the way. At various destinations, the safari is joined by prominent subject matter experts to provide insight to the feature being explored.

For 2012, the Exposé safari will focus on Big Cat Conservation. The recent motion picture event, The Last Lions, exposed audiences to some of the conservation challenges facing large carnivores in Africa. There is no question that despite an enormous effort and great strides in African conservation in general, the big cats are struggling to keep their foothold, even in protected areas.

The 2012 Expose will ask questions to the experts about what the current status of the large cats really is, and what the main challenges in both the short and long term are. The safari will also focus on its underlying goal of showing the travel community that travel to Africa can be a superbly rewarding and educational experience. This travel style focuses on those travelers needing more from their travel investment than a vacation: they need to be intellectually challenged and feel that they are participating, rather than just observing.

The 2012 Exposé departs in April and all the material generated will be made available in the months after the trip returns.


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  1. Adventure in Africa is a wonderful thing, where a lot of new and mysterious things to discover, it arouses our curiosity, thanks for the useful information you share.

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