Perspectives: Destinations Around the Globe Speak Out on Challenges, Opportunities and Trends

5 June 2012

As the second installment of a global adventure travel trends overview, the following article is based on interviews with thirteen representatives from different destination organizations globally. The ATTA reached out to variety of regional, national and association-based destination groups to answer a series of questions on the trends, shifts and developments that they see occurring in their respective areas of our industry and within their own enterprises in the next eighteen months. Of the twenty-three approached, thirteen voices from India, Regional USA, Latin America, Russia, Europe, Greenland and Africa responded in the spirit of open collaboration and industry wide learning.

Below are the four questions and their responses.

Editor’s Note: Opinions and ideas expressed by the contributors do not necessarily reflect the perspectives of the ATTA. We have purposefully tried not to edit the contributions to ensure first-hand accounts, but made basic grammar edits to ensure ease of reading and/or to improve understanding only.

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