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PEPY Tours’ Bio-diesel Truck Promotes Environmentally Responsible Travel

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(Feb. 10, 2009) PEPY Tours, an adventure and volunteer tour operator based in Cambodia, recently purchased a bio-diesel powered truck to support its operations and help promote responsible travel. PEPY Tours offers adventures that incorporate learning opportunities, volunteer activities, and interaction with people who are part of long-term development programs in Cambodia. The truck, powered by clean burning bio-diesel produced from recycled cooking oil, is used to transport guests, baggage and supplies during trips, and promotes environmentally-conscious modes of transport.

PEPY Tours buys the fuel from Planet Bio-diesel, a Phnom Penh based company that converts used cooking oil collected from local restaurants into fuel that can power any diesel engine.  Unlike some bio-fuels, which require agricultural commodities to produce, this process essentially turns a waste product into a valuable resource. This type of bio-diesel is considered to be more environmentally friendly than that produced from petroleum, used by most diesel-burning vehicles. The truck is part of PEPY’s organizational mission to minimize resource consumption and promote greener ways of living. PEPY trips often utilize self-powered forms of transportation like cycling and walking, but the bio-diesel truck helps reduce transportation costs and pollution when a large vehicle is necessary. PEPY Founder Daniela Papi says, “Having a bio-diesel truck allows us to further reduce the negative environmental impact of our tours and helps support a growing alternative energy movement springing up here in Cambodia.”

PEPY offers unique trips ranging from high intensity multi-week bike trips to weeklong volunteer projects. The trips encourage participants to make responsible choices while traveling, as well as in their daily lives at home. Each trip is designed to give participants an introduction to development work in Cambodia through hands on experience and learning opportunities. All profits generated by PEPY Tours are allocated to its partner The PEPY Ride, a non-profit organization supporting long-term educational development in Cambodia.

PEPY Tours and the PEPY Ride were formed in December 2005, beginning a tradition of bringing participants from around the world to Cambodia to actively participate in adventure volunteer tours and live the PEPY motto: “Adventurous Living. Responsible Giving.”  To date, PEPY has raised over $750,000 for development projects in Cambodia.

To learn more about PEPY Tours, please visit:

The PEPY Ride is a New York State registered Non-for-Profit Corporation founded in 2005 to aid rural communities in improving their own standards of living, with a focus on increased access to quality education in rural Cambodia.  To learn more, please visit

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