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Penguin Travel

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Profile PictureWith over 25 years of experience in handling active holidays, Penguin Travel has become a leading provider in the fields of hiking, cycling, horseriding and birdwatching tours in Bulgaria and the neighboring region as well as roundtrips to less visited but still very exciting destinations around the world. At Penguin Travel we aim at providing the best travel experience to our customers by exposing them to the amazing landscapes and rich cultural history of the region of the Balkans still remaining largely unexplored though having a lot to offer. We believe that besides the exciting experience, adventure travel should be also focused at expanding the people’s worldview and the better understanding on the visited places and communities.

Throughout the years we have established ourselves as the leading outfitters of horseriding, cycling, trekking and round-trip tours in Bulgaria as well as in the nearby countries of Macedonia, Greece and Romania. Being located at the heart of the Balkans and operating with our own recourses (transportation, bikes, horses etc.) allows us to control the entire process of hosting and executing our inbound trips, and set the highest level of quality.

Penguin Travel LogoOur products are focused at providing unique travel experiences by combining exiting outdoor adventures with exploration of the local culture, people, cuisine and traditions. A lot of our tours are led by people, who have personally taken care of the guest’s reservation since its receiving, and are highly knowledgeable on the local logistic specifics and the best accommodation offerings. Our guides are young, enthusiastic and always eager to share their adventure pursuits with our clients. As experienced adventurers they have detailed knowledge of the trips themselves and the conditions that may occur along the route, keeping our guests safe and well informed all the time.

The inbound tours we operate include:

  • Road cycling and mountain-biking tours in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Greece
  • Horse-riding tours in Bulgaria
  • Trekking tours in Bulgaria
  • Wildlife watching tours in Bulgaria
  • Cultural roundtrips around the entire Balkan peninsula

The majority of our staff is based in Bulgaria (Sofia and Plovdiv) and we also have offices in Denmark (Copenhagen) and Sweden (Lund), allowing us to reach directly to customers from Bulgaria and the Scandinavian region. As we operate a wide range of both incoming and outgoing tours, during the years we have established lasting relationships with travel agents thorough the world, allowing us to reach the growing global market as well.

We are excited to join the Adventure Travel Trade Organization (ATTA) as we are always striving to be up to date with the most current trends in the global adventure travel market as well as keep in touch with the leading experts, providers and agents in the industry. We believe ATTA provides the highest expertise, networking and quality standards in the field of adventure travel, which is why we see our membership as an opportunity to improve our products and keep up with the demands of the world market.

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