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Panama Breezes S.A.

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Panama Breezes logoPanama Breezes is on a mission to greatly improve Panama’s tourism!

From day trips to 2-week tours through the country, we offer the very best in Panama – our top ranked city tour is just one example. We work closely with clients and customize tours to provide the best service possible in a place not really known for customer service. We offer guided tours (in English or Spanish) specially designed to include the very best of Panama. Because of these personalized trips, we can cater to any market! We have booked backpackers on overnight trips to Indian villages and VIP’s on 5-star golf vacation plus everything in between.

Owned and operated by Kevin O’Brien, a transplant from Boston, Massachusetts who first fell in love with adventure and professional guiding nearly 15 years ago, Kevin has explored nearly every nook and cranny of the Western Hemisphere, always armed with his passion for travel and a group of excited adventurers by his side. Now a full-time resident of Panama City, Kevin has been showing people the time of their lives in this extraordinary country since 2003.

We would be interested in connecting with other groups in the adventure travel community to form partnerships (there are a number of other companies already subcontracting their tours to us).

Sustainable Panama
Maintaining Panama’s natural and cultural beauty is one of the key tenets of our business. We are socially conscious, we minimize environmental impact, and contribute to local communities. Here’s how:

  • We use primarily Panamanian-owned hotels, restaurants and local tour operators so we help contribute to the economy.
  • We visit local communities, support local handcrafts, and encourage others to learn their culture as a way of showing our respect for the indigenous and contributing to their way of life.
  • We practice low- and no-impact tourism to protect the environment.
  • We use a CO2 Neutral Airline for our domestic flights.

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