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Opinion – Social Media: Wake Up and Smell The Engagement!

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Editor’s Note: Chris Noble of World Nomads has LEPT out in a big way with the ATTA before, during and now post 2008 Adventure Travel World Summit as a fresh voice, forward leaning, and truly tapping into innovative programs that can make a difference and that illustrate savvy marketing sense. I encourage you to read this opinion piece/blog entry, you’re sure to learn something. Thanks Mr. Noble for nobly sharing your expertise with our community.

“There has over the past few months been a lot of heated debate about the business value of Social Media.

A lot of it seems to be centred around the commercial ROI of advertising through the various Social Media channels.

Will Facebook start to yield stronger advertising revenues? do ads on Bebo work? How can you monetize your presence on Flickr? is Twitter a waste of even 140 characters? Why did my wife buy a dog when I last went overseas? (ok, maybe not the last one).

In my humble opinion, I think businesses, particularly those in the travel space, need to look at Social Media from a different perspective and as I’ve stated “Wake up and Smell the Engagement!”.

Here is my take on how Social Media can and should primarily be used by companies on both a B2C and B2B front…” Click here for more.


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