One Third of Travelers 'Addicted' to Mobile Devices on Vacation; Eighty Percent of Mobile Browsing Done in Apps

7 June 2012

Two recent Tnooz articles have shed more light on the evolving mobile habits of Western consumers. The first piece, using data from Tripadvisor, claims that a full third of European travelers "can't survive" without using their mobile phone on holiday, despite worries over roaming and usage charges, and that this obsession with mobile use varies by country:

Country-by-country, Italian travellers are the most obsessed, with 41% declaring their love of the mobile, while Germany (31%), France (30%), UK (29%) and Spain (26%) are less smitten.

In the second article, ComScore reports that American mobile users spent onlt 18.5 percent of their time on mobile devices on websites, and the rest on their applications; this approximate breakdown holds true for social networking sites, with almost 80 percent of consumers' browsing time being spent in the application versus on the actual website:
The data supports a recent theory put forward by TripAdvisor, which says that if a user is visiting a mobile website five or more times a year then it is probably worth creating an application.


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