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OIF’s Youth & Women’s Segment “Toolkits for the Trade” Feature Case Studies, Marketing and Research Resources

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U.S.-based members of the Adventure travel community may reap significant benefit by learning more about the Outdoor Industry Foundation (OIF), a non-profit foundation established by Outdoor Industry Association to encourage active outdoor recreation for all Americans. OIF’s charter is to increase participation in outdoor recreation and to encourage and support healthier, more active lifestyles through education, partnerships, programs and advocacy.

Specifically, in each of the “Getting Youth Active” and “Getting Women Active” areas, you’ll find a “Toolkit for the Trade,” each designed to help the outdoor industry grow participation in active outdoor recreation, which the ATTA believes is a natural stepping stone toward more active participation in adventure travel. According to the OIF, the Toolkits for the Trade (which include case studies, marketing, research and more) are the first in a series of resources that takes a targeted look at the youth and women’s segment. These Toolkits are the result of turning years of research into action and provides examples of best practices for application by outdoor businesses, especially those in the retail environment – much of what’s contained herein has practical application to the adventure travel industry.

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