Official Agreement of Collaboration and Partnership Between Norway and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

22 October 2018

NCE Tourism Fjord Norway and the Créneau d’excellence en tourisme d’aventure et écotourisme Sagenuay–Lac-Saint-Jean ( Créneau TAE) (Quebec, Canada) have signed an official agreement of collaboration and partnership. The agreement between the two tourism cluster projects was signed during the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS), which took place in Montecatini Terme, Italy, through October 18th.

In 2016, the two cluster projects, Créneau TAE and NCE Tourism Fjord Norway, initiated a collaboration and a partnership aiming to share their experience and build joint projects relative to adventure travel. They then signed a mutual letter of intent that led to some meaningful collaborations between the two clusters. As a result of their cooperation, the two clusters have now agreed upon a joint action plan which includes officializing their partnership through this signed agreement.

The agreement and partnership is intended to:

  • Foster the exchange of expertise between the two clusters and their destination partners;
  • Ensure an effective and ongoing communication between the two clusters;
  • Share knowledge on relevant topics concerning common fields of interest;
  • Value and foster joint projects between partners and clusters;
  • Foster product development and innovation in both clusters and their destinations;
  • Promote sustainable development in the clusters’ destinations and businesses;
  • Create conditions that will allow both destinations to position themselves as leaders in Nordic
    adventure tourism;
  • Mutually support each others’ individual projects by contributing helpful knowledge and
The two clusters are looking forward to a closer and more formalized cooperation based on the partnership agreement and joint action plan. Both Gilles Simard, Director of Créneau TAE, and Dag Jarle Aksnes, Director of NCE Tourism Fjord Norway, agree upon the importance of international cooperation. They are optimistic that by sharing their know-how and experience, the two clusters will thrive together while working for a sustainable future within the adventure travel industry.

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