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NomadsLand is an interactive marketing company and video publishing platform for socially- and environmentally-conscious tour operators, tourism boards and adventure travel firms. We work with companies and organizations that seek to leverage viral video “micro-documentary” campaigns to book reservations, brand sustainable destinations and encourage stewardship of responsible travel.

Video can galvanize people in inspirational, unforeseen ways. A great video can let them vicariously take a trip through a five minute micro-documentary and then feel an emotional connection to book a trip. NomadsLand Geotourism campaigns are designed to let people see and feel the destinations they are thinking about travelling to online so that they are compelled to do it in real life.

Today, tourism boards, tourism operators and responsible travel companies often have difficulty creating online videos that spark real buzz because they are just that – online videos. NomadsLand’s producers work closely with professionals and organizations like yours – committed to ecotourism, voluntourism, adventure travel, experiential travel and sustainable tourism – to built “micro-documentaries.” Each micro-doc contains strong narratives, compelling characters and epiphanous travel moments in a five-minute story.

NomadsLand offers members of the ATTA the following services:

If you’ve ever needed a turn-key solution for video outreach – from conceptualization to video production to viral online distribution – NomadsLand has it. A typical campaign involves conceiving a viral micro-documentary or series of videos that brand a destination with strong characters and compelling HD videography. Our producers are “nomads” – scrappy, nimble filmmakers that carry production studios in their backpacks. Because we think light and mobile, our budgets are a fraction of what you might pay with traditional video production companies. We call this the “nomad ethos.” But we don’t stop there; video means nothing if no one sees it. We then design branded video players that reside on your own webpages while we syndicate them virally throughout blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Also, each player supports Google Analytics so that you can actually track the ROI of your videos.

Sufi Dancers in Khartoum Sudan

If you already have videos, NomadsLand offers a self-publishing platform for tour operators and national tourism boards who want to use video to raise awareness and boost reservations and bookings on their own. This do-it-yourself service allows you to retrofit your video library from your YouTube or Vimeo accounts with customizable buttons that drive reservations and bookings. Our transactional players encourage actions with buttons like “Book Trip,” “Make Reservation” and “Volunteer.” Like with our premium campaigns, each player supports Google Analytics so that you can actually track the ROI of your videos.

If you don’t feel you have the budget to commission producers to make online video, let us help you learn how to do it yourself. Times are tough – we understand. NomadsLand knows many responsible travel and tourism companies lack the resources to outsource high production quality video. But any tour operator can set up their own nimble production studio for very little investment. We know every video trick in the book – from Flip cameras to HD cameras to iMovie to Final Cut Pro. Let us help you figure out how to set up your own “nomad” production unit so you can consistently produce compelling video stories for your future clients.

If you are interested in a free consultation with NomadsLand to find out how we can make top-notch travel micro-docs drive your bottom line, please contact us here:

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