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NOLS Risk Management Training To Be Held

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October 2-3 Adjacent to the ATTA’s at Adventure Travel World Summit 2007

Structuring a risk management plan is an essential component of any adventure travel organization. Both creating such a plan and keeping up to date on current industry best practices can pose a daunting challenge to many organizations and programs. That’s why the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) has partnered with the Adventure Travel Trade Association to deliver a two-day risk management training seminar immediately prior to the 2007 Adventure Travel World Summit.

Wilderness programs are under increasing scrutiny regarding risk management practices. Through NOLS’ risk management consulting services, tour operators can learn from industry experts and get professional audits that can help to improve the way operations handle the inherent risks of taking people into remote and wild places.

NOLS will provide its two-day Risk Management Training for $465 USD for ATTA members or $565 USD for non-ATTA members. Course fees include two days of education, the Risk Management Training workbook, which includes additional case studies, scenarios and self-assessment tools, the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS Wilderness Medical Protocol Package, the NOLS Crisis Template and the 2006 Wilderness Risk Management Conference Proceedings.

“This training is a must for any organization that takes its responsibility to its clients seriously,” says Bruce Palmer, Director of NOLS Admission and Marketing. “Participants will get real tools to protect their customers and their business.”

NOLS sets the standards in wilderness risk management, wilderness medicine and field practices. After over 40 years traveling in the backcountry with students, NOLS has the experience, the systems, the personnel and the track record to be a valuable resource to other organizations.

Wilderness programs are under increasing scrutiny regarding risk management practices. Through our risk management consulting services, you can learn from the best and get professional audits that will improve the way you handle the inherent risks of taking people into remote and wild places.

“As a tour operator leading groups to sometimes very remote locations, we know that certain risks are an inherent part of our operation. With NOLS Risk Management as part of our training program, we feel better equipped to manage the risks we find acceptable and recognize and avoid others,” says Jay Mahoney, Founder of Vivo International Adventures, California.

Founded in 1965 by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) is the leader in wilderness education and sets the industry standard for responsible, high-quality educational expeditions. NOLS provides an awe-inspiring, transformative experience that develops active, positive leaders with lifelong environmental ethics and outdoor skills to more than 10,000 students each year. A private nonprofit school, NOLS runs 10-day to school-year-length courses on four continents. NOLS students, ages 14 to over 70, explore the most remote wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains, Idaho, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Alaska, Western Canada, Mexico, Patagonia (Chile), India, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Baffin Island have to offer. College credit and scholarships are available. For more information, check out or call NOLS at (800) 710-NOLS (6657) or visit the web site at

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