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New Company Positions Environmental Causes As Raison d’Etre for Engaging Travelers

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Plans Small Ship Cruise of the Arctic’s Northwest Passage to Assist Research, Fund Causes Surrounding Plastics in Our Oceans

polar bearSeattle, WA – A brand-new, innovative company combining a long adventure travel history with a strong sense of purpose is ringing in the new year.

ExploringCircle (, headquartered in Seattle, is positioned to engage travelers around environmental and social issues by introducing them to far-flung destinations and environmental issues associated with such places. The company in turn Pays it Forward by donating up to five percent of client fees to a cause actively working to ameliorate such issues.

“ExploringCircle is an inspired alchemy, where caring for people, places and our planet transforms the world into a better place,” explains founder and director Kristy Royce.

ExploringCircle has partnered with 5 Gyres and is now accepting reservations for its Classic Northwest Passage a 13-day cruise Aug. 12-24, 2016 that explores the remote Northwest Passage and stunning fjords of the Baffin Island coastline. Sharing an west-bound itinerary on the 92 passenger Akademik Sergey Vavilov
with guests will be marine researchers from 5 Gyres studying the potential effects on wildlife and habitats of accumulations of plastics in northern waters. The on-board scientists will share their research and concerns with other passengers throughout the voyage.

Proceeds from this trip will support:

akademik ship5 Gyres:  Since 2009, 5 Gyres has been a global leader in researching the extent of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. We educate youth and consumers as well as business and government leaders about ocean plastics, and advocate for solutions. 5 Gyres’ mission is to empower citizens to become leaders in combating the global health crisis of plastic pollution. It will take all of us to solve this massive, devastating issue and help achieve 5 Gyres’ vision of a planet free of plastic pollution.

The Akademik Sergey Vavilov, recently upgraded and retrofitted to accommodate leisure guests was designed for polar research. The trip cost is from $8,895 per person double which includes accommodation, onboard dining, general naturalist guide / lecture service, and transfers from airport in Cambridge Bay to ship and from the ship to Iqaluit airport. Activities include viewing polar bears and other animals, whale watching, zodiac tours, birding, hiking and photography along with voluntary participation in scientific research.

This iconic voyage follows in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers such as Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen. Guests are immersed in the archipelago of islands and channels that create Canada’s high Arctic region that is home to polar bear, barren ground grizzly bear, musk ox, caribou and walrus. Central to this voyage are the history and lore of an ill-fated expedition by Sir John Franklin nearly 170 years ago. Franklin made his last heroic foray into the Arctic in 1845 with two ships and 129 men, never to be heard from again. The fate of the expedition remained a mystery until September 2014 when one of the vessels was discovered in a remarkable state of preservation in the frigid waters of Victoria Strait. The find is undoubtedly one of the great archeological discoveries of the last 100 years and has been likened to the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Exploring Circle Founder / President Kristy Royce, who is on constant lookout for such enriching travel opportunities, brings over 20 years of adventure travel experience to ExploringCircle along with a passion for environmentalism and social justice.

“We listen to you and use the knowledge and contacts that we have developed to help you realize your travel dreams. In doing so, we fund hope,” Royce said.  “Leave No Trace Behind, while a great ethic, is no longer enough.”

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