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Neuroscientists, Ocean Advocates, Educators, and Adventurers Meet in May to Connect the Human Brain with Our Water Planet

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Block Island, RHODE ISLAND – The third annual BLUEMIND Summit arrives on Block Island May 30th, 2013 to continue a fast-expanding conversation about the intersections between human neuroscience, psychology and the waters of our planet.

Founded in 2010 by marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, a Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences, the BLUEMIND Summit has created interdisciplinary conversations about how healthy waters can influence and improve our emotions and our lives. Topics explored include the science behind water-view real estate and hospitality premiums, the pull of travel, sports and recreation near or on water, stress relieving aspects of water, empathy and the ocean, and many others.

“The goal of BLUEMIND is to initiate a new kind of conversation about the cognitive values of healthy waterways, oceans and coasts around the world. When we stop to consider these ideas, it’s obvious stuff, but we’re putting cutting edge science behind the obvious,” says Dr. Nichols. “We want everyone to rethink their relationship to water and discover something deeper.”

The summit is being held this year on Block Island at an historic inn atop a hill overlooking a full horizon of ocean. Event speaker and environmental attorney Justin DuClos chose the island locale for its natural beauty and ocean culture. “A lengthy relationship with the island has proved two things: it showcases both underwater and overland the best of what earth lends humankind, and its community is the vanguard of conservation and environmental stewardship.”

Invited speakers and presenters include Harvard Medical School researcher Dr. Helen Reiss, explorer, filmmaker and water advocate Celine Cousteau, artist Jill Hoy, musician Halsey Burgund, chef Barton Seaver, and neuroscientists David Poeppel of NYU and David Zald of Vanderbilt. Topics to be explored include the science of empathy and addiction, neuroaesthetics, neuroeconomics, neurogeography and neurolinguistics–each through a water or ocean lens.

Attendance is by invitation due to the limited size of the venue. Live stream registration is free and recommended in order to receive the final agenda prior to the summit and a copy of work products following.

Sponsors include Peak TeamsOcean RevolutionSoniSingh.orgSNAP InternationalJ Duclos Law & PolicyUS Fish & Wildlife, and The Ocean Foundation.


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