Milk it: Reap the Benefits of a Growing Adventure Travel Industry

11 June 2012

The Adventure Travel Trade Association's recent Boulder, Colorado regional was featured by SNEWS Outdoor. The ATTA was profiled and the article focused on partnership and synergy opportunities between the adventure tourism and retail industries.

In the case of retailers, ATTA membership can mean connections. “Through us, they might get to meet local tour operators and help supply them with a packing list,” Chesak said. “They could become the go-to retailer for those going on adventure travel.”

...In the case of manufacturers, ATTA membership means brand exposure, Chesak said. Currently about 10 members of the nearly 800-member organization are manufacturers.

“It’s a great opportunity to get in front of tour operators and own the space pretty easily,” Chesak said. Plus, he said, it’s an opportunity to partner with tourism boards and gain further exposure through publications, as Deuter did when it partnered with Norway to offer a consumer sweepstakes for a trip to the Scandinavian nation.

For more information, read the entire article on SNEWS Outdoor.