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Members Tune In Webinar: Guerrilla Approaches to Marketing in 2009/2010: Doing More with Less

1 Minute Read

Wednesday, June 17th at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC
Annie Ellicott (read biography)

2009 is revolutionizing the way we do business. We are witnessing a new economic paradigm and consumer behavioral shifts which will impact adventure travel beyond the current negative sales cycle.

Times like these call for extreme clarity about:

  • The assumptions we make about our clients motivations, mindset and 2009 / 2010 definitions of “value”
  • Prioritization of customer segments and customer relationship management
  • New platforms for product merchandising and client interaction
  • Competitive positioning in the new world of deals and discounting
  • ROI from strategic investment in marketing initiatives across media vehicles

Learn about practical approaches to:

  • Research how your prospects are changing their search, planning and booking behaviors
  • Repackage and reposition your products to meet a new consumer mindset
  • Craft promotional offers which resonate with consumers current add value while protecting your margins
  • Creatively incent and expand distribution channels to drive increased inquiries and sales
  • Partner with other destination players to leverage your marketing investments
  • Deepen your client relationships to drive long-term value for your business
  • Leverage your resources (staff, time and $$) more effectively

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