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COMPLETED: April 3rd Tune In Webinar: Effective Brand Building ~ Integrating Print & Web

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COMPLETED: Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 at 10:00am – 11:00am PDT

Direct mail and catalog marketing remain powerful marketing tools – access practical and powerful insights into more thoroughly leveraging your 2008-2009 print collateral within your online, multi-media marketing, and PR initiatives. Presented by Kevin Johnson and Michael Phillips with DDMWeb.

  1. Have You Seen Our Beautiful Catalog?
    Traditionally used as the primary way of communicating with potential clients, your “Beautiful Catalog” and your company marketing efforts may be overdue for an “Extreme Makeover”.
  2. Strategically Speaking
    The methods behind the madness! We’ll discuss why you need yet “one more thing” to do for your business. Warning: this conversation may result in you having an open dialog with your potential clients.
  3. Planning and Implementation
    Believe it or not, this should be easier than a press check in Korea. However, like anything else, you’ll need a good map to help guide you along the way.
  4. ROO: The Return on Objectives & Measuring Your Success
    It’s not just a new buzzword to impress your colleagues. We’ll discuss tools and best practices that provide the ability to measure the achievement of your objectives and evaluate the success of your Print-to-Web efforts.
  5. Preparing For The Best: The Crawl, Walk, Run of Future Improvements
    So now that you’ve achieved success how do you best deal with the building and personalization of your client database, act on requests for information in a timely manner, and keep the communication going with your clients for years to come?

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