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LWimages Studio Teams Up With West Sweden Tourist Board to Set Focus on Sustainability Through Hiking

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A couple of months ago, LWimages Studio – an award-winning photography and cinematography company and a long-term ATTA member, completed a big campaign for the West Sweden Tourist Board (also a long-term member of the ATTA), creating 4 individual films and a wide selection of images highlighting the area’s stunning hiking trails. The campaign was the second part of a project that started already back in 2019. It was in this part of Sweden the 2019 ATWS took place.  

A mix of coastline, inland lakes, and wild forests offers a varied landscape that is fascinating, attractive, and contrasting – where each hiking trail has its unique character. There is something here that suits everyone, may it be urban hiking in and around the city of Gothenburg or more remote hiking in the dense forests in the inland area of Dalsland. 

Photo by LWimages Studio

Says Emmy Hultberg, project manager for hiking at West Sweden Tourist Board on the collaboration between the two ATTA members: “We needed inspiring and high quality pictures and films from selected hiking trails in West Sweden that visualised the enormous contrast in the region, including magnificent views, people and details. LWimages Studio has always managed to capture the people interacting with the environment in a genuine and authentic way. On top of this, they are always friendly, encouraging and happy!”

Over the last few years, the region has realised that hiking as an activity creates new seasons, provides additional sales and appeals to a sustainable target group who, among other things, stay longer, are prepared to pay more for the “right” product and appreciate nature. Because of this increased interest, the tourism board is working hard to ensure the quality of the trails is intact and that they get the maintenance they need. 

Ulrika Larsson, studio director and producer at LWimages Studio: “During these unprecedented times we’re experiencing right now around the world, local and regional tourism needs all the support they can get and we’ve seen during 2020 that Swedes have been inspired to get their hiking boots on to explore what West Sweden has to offer in terms of sustainable hiking experiences. It’s been a pleasure to create these images and films and we hope this can lead to a long-term increase in people’s interest in nature in general and in healthy outdoor activities in particular.”

Photo by LWimages Studio

Emmy Hultberg again: “We have created a hiking portal on our website where a lot of the images and films that have been created in this project can be found and hopefully inspires people to come hiking in West Sweden.”

These days sustainability is on everyone’s mind and that also goes for the tourism boards around the world. The West Sweden Tourist Board is no exception and they are pushing hard to make sure sustainability is an integrated part of the tourism industry as a whole in the area. This is one of the reasons hiking is one of the core activities they promote. From now on, they are investing heavily in this particular field and very recently launched Hållbarhetsklivet (Stepping up Sustainability), an initiative to make sustainability the foundation of each and every company in the tourism industry in West Sweden. It’s a way to create economically viable companies and tourism that do not lead to unnecessary environmental impact and are appreciated by both residents and visitors.

Photo by LWimage Studios

The content that was created for this campaign will be, and has already been, released on multiple platforms and digital channels, through the regional travel trade but also made it on to the Saturday Morning Show on Swedish national television. We believe this is a sign that hiking is definitely entering the life of many these days. 

For more adventure travel-related content created by LWimages, please visit our website and for more inspiration from West Sweden, head over to the tourism boards website here

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