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Lwimages Multi-film Campaign Showcases Leading Tour Operator Icelandic Mountain Guides

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Anglo-Swedish media production company LWimages have partnered with innovative tour operator Icelandic Mountain Guides (IMG) to produce 12 films showcasing their work and values.

With 25 years experience, and a long term ATTA member, IMG are widely regarded as leaders in their field of sustainable adventure tourism in Iceland and Greenland. Their partnership with LWimages, who have built up a considerable portfolio of work with brands such as National Geographic, West Sweden Tourist Board, Mountain Equipment, John Muir Trust and Gore-Tex, was a chance to take a deeper look at the company and share their core values in a high quality innovative approach. “IMG have built a reputation for attention to detail, first class customer care and the ability to communicate a deep love of their home landscape and culture. Values that were evident as soon as we met the IMG team” explains LWimages studio director and producer Ulrika Larsson. “It was these characteristics we wanted to showcase in our portfolio of films and supporting stills images that LWimages would create for IMG.”

IMG is an extensive business with several sister operations and so the films needed not only to promote the main IMG brand, but also provide specifically targeted content for Greenland Adventures and Iceland Rovers, both parallel adventure travel platforms of IMG. In fact following extensive creative meetings with IMG’s creative directors the final project entailed 12 films with extensive still imagery. As well as films covering the different adventures they offer further films focused on the companies environmental approach, and their meticulous safety practices.

Such a wide range of films was another example of IMG’s attention to detail. For IMG adventure travel isn’t just another business. It’s a life-calling. Founders Einar and Leifur still work in the mountains and glaciers alongside their extensive roster of staff. The creative team at LWimages felt that the core of IMG’s ethos was their authenticity. “It was essential to bring this genuine nature out in the films” said LWimages scriptwriter Ian Parnell “and so we concentrated on real adventures and local voices. The resulting films are perhaps 80% story line and 20% marketing, allowing the power of the Icelandic landscape together with the amazing characters we were able to film to sell the quality of IMG’s work.”

Icelandic Mountain Guides // MELTDOWN from LWimages Studio on Vimeo.

A key example of that authenticity was the work Meltdown – a special film looking at the impact of climate chance on the glaciers of Iceland. Stemming from IMG’s desire to express their environmental concerns for the landscapes they work with, the film features their guides, some of whom are experts in glaciology, describing the huge changes that have taken place in the ice fields of Iceland over the last few decades. The level of emotion amongst the guides captured in the film really illustrates the connection IMG has to the land they work in. “For us at LWimages”, says LWimages founder and director of photography Lukasz Warzecha, “the film was also an important example of how genuine considered content can both showcase the best qualities of a business whilst also tackling important wider issues for the global travel industry.”

The films can be viewed here.

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