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Large Minority – Adventure Challenges

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LankaChallenge1LARGE minority exists to provide you with the best gosh-darned adventures in the world! Established in 2009 by two avid globetrotters, LARGE minority travel provides inimitable Adventure Challenges in some of the most exciting destinations in the world.

From driving tuk-tuks across Sri Lanka and Cambodia to navigating Colombia’s Amazon River in a canoe and island hoping in the Philippines, we make the surreal, real. We’ve put in the hard graft and organised everything for you. All you have to do is turn up, get in and drive. Checking a map every now and then is encouraged, but ultimately optional.

Our trips are geared around fundraising and responsible travel. We allocate ten percent of each adventure sold to flagship charity projects and tree planting campaigns. We think of our experiential travel experiences as the ideal opportunity to make a difference and bring positive change to every destination.

We believe that adventure should be combined with comfort. So after a full day of dirty driving or sailing we pamper you from time to time at some of the finest boutique hotels and resorts. We also build from scratch incredible campsites at national parks (toilets and showers included) and for your convenience include your breakfasts and dinners throughout the Challenge.

Our trips are challenges. They’ll challenge you mentally and physically, but there’ll be enough help and support along the way to get you over the line. And the best part? Our adventure charity challenges are designed to benefit the countries we visit. We make sure our trips give more to the locals than they take, so you can rest assured that your kickass adventure is having a direct, positive impact on the communities you’ll pass through. 

Product Portfolio:

Lanka Challenge – Tuk Tuk trip in Sri Lanka
Cambo Challenge – Tuk tuk trip in Cambodia
Philippines Challenge – Sailing trip in the Philippines
Amazon Challenge – Survival rainforest adventure in Colombia, Brazil and Peru

What makes us so special:

  • All of our trips are geared around fundraising
  • We allocate ten percent of each adventure sold to flagship charity projects and tree planting campaigns
  • We travel sustainably and use local operators along the way
  • We offer the most adventurous group travel experiences you can find
  • Our trips are competitions
  • You’ll be tested with navigational, cultural and physical challenges
  • We’ve put together our own, creative routes
  • All challenges are team-based
  • You’ll socialize every night with fellow adventurers
  • From camping to boutique, luxury accommodation – you’ll experience it all
  • Our trips are truly once in a lifetime experiences that you couldn’t replicate on your own

Mission statement:

To promote adventure tourism through Adventure Challenges which highlight authentic aspects of the people, nature, history and culture of each destination. To provide unique, life-changing travel experiences for our customers that results in their satisfaction, evidenced by repeat bookings as well as favourable word-of-mouth comments. To embrace responsible tourism and build social enterprise at community level.

Sustainability Policy:
LARGE minority is committed to:

  • Preserving and conserving natural resources, flora and fauna, and mitigating any possible negative impacts on the environment.
  • Promoting, disseminating and preserving the cultural heritage in a responsible manner.
  • Developing tourist activities which improve the quality of life of stakeholders in socio-economic terms.

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