La Paz on Foot

23 February 2013

Welcome to the Central Andes! La Paz on Foot provides responsible travel programs, travel support services and project management and consulting services in the Central Andes eco-region, including all of Bolivia, southern Peru and northern Chile and Argentina. We believe that tourism can be an effective and positive force for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation and our hikes, tours, treks and other services are all carried out within this vision. We are recommended by Lonely Planet, Footprint Guides and RoughGuides and have positive reviews in TripAdvisor and provide high quality, innovative travel services and programs in Spanish, English, German and French to adventures from around the world.


La Paz on Foot organizes and operates responsible experiential and adventure tourism with a focus on natural and cultural history in the Central Andes. Since 2004 we have been organizing walks, hikes, treks, courses and other programs in Bolivia, Peru, northern Chile and northwestern Argentina. Our programs are locally designed and operated and provide employment and conservation incentives for numerous local residents and communities. In this way, your choice to participate in our programs directly contributes to improving the quality of life for inhabitants of marginalized communities in the Andean region.

Some of our innovative travel programs include:

  • Andean Food & Farms Tour (Perú – Bolivia, 15 days)
  • Andean Biodiversity Expeditions (Bolivia, 17 days)
  • Butterflies of the Yungas Cloud Forests and Lake Titicaca (Bolivia, 11 days)
  • La Paz Urban Trek (half-day and full-day)
  • Murals of La Paz Walk (3 hours)
  • Cordillera Real Treks (3 to 15 days)
  • Family homestays at Lake Titicaca (
  • Standard Peru-Bolivia-Chile tours from 8 to 28 days

In addition to our responsible travel programs, La Paz on Foot provides travel support services for individuals, groups, agencies, businesses and artists. If you are in need of travel support, from purchasing regional plane tickets, organizing a study and learning course for a university of NGO or you need a local operator for your own travel agency's tours in South America, consider working with La Paz on Foot--we have competitive prices, excellent and prompt service and we speak and write in English, Spanish, French and German!


As part of our mission to promote responsible travel as a tool for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation, La Paz on Foot manages several small, community-level projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities where we carry out tourism activities. We receive funds from several international donor agencies and execute development and conservation projects and we also work as consultants on projects focused on community-based tourism and biodiversity conservation.

We are a Bolivian company and we have an excellent network of local experts that we use to execute projects, conduct research and present results through numerous outlets. If you are looking for a local partner for your development and conservation project, please consider La Paz on Foot!  


We are interested in collaborating with ATTA and its memberships on a wide ranges of initiatives, from networking, marketing strategy development, research, and partnerships/alliances to service exchange, internships and many more! We want to get involved and increase our visibility and leadership on responsible adventure tourism in the Central Andes.

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