Khiri Travel

14 July 2014

Khiri Travel has 13 offices in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, as well as a sales office in the USA. Established in 1993, Khiri Travel is an independent destination management company (B2B) with its own regional network. The company's detailed knowledge of the world shows in its unusual destinations, innovative itineraries and in its commitment to responsible travel throughout Southeast Asia and the world.

Khiri serves worldwide B2C travel agents that sell tours to Southeast Asia. Khiri Travel particularly feels a strong connection with adventure travel agents that offer their clients tailored and immersive experiences in lesser-known destinations, always fit to any budget and with a focus on quality.

Khiri Travel is working towards responsibility certification by Travelife – an international training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reach sustainability – co-funded by the European Union. Khiri Travel has reached bronze certificate level of STEP by Sustainability International in December 2013.

Sharing our Passion for Discovery

Khiri Travel is more than just another tour supplier. As an independently owned high-end travel supplier, Khiri offers the chance to veer off the beaten path and to discover something utterly new.

Rather than simply lead tourists through the same predictable litany of guidebook highlights, our tours take adventurers deep into the heart of Southeast Asian culture. Agents who partner with Khiri Travel have the unique opportunity to provide their clients with immersive experiences, such as visiting untainted communities, engaging with local populations, and encountering things they may never have discovered on their own.

It's not just a trip it's an unforgettable experience

Our guides are able to offer this level of authenticity because we have spent years building genuine relationships in each of our host countries. We have 13 offices on the ground in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. In each country, our employees reach out to their communities through a series of socially and environmentally minded projects. Khiri Travel shares profits and business with locals, creating jobs and a steady source of income.

In one of the world’s fastest growing tourism regions, Khiri Travel provides an intimate, personalized and meaningful alternative to generic package trips. Our tours can all be customized to suit individual or group needs, and to help travelers experience Southeast Asia in a way they will never forget.

It is our mission to grow Khiri Travel to be the leading brand in quality tourism in Asia — and the champion of the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

Khiri’s vision of “Sharing our Passion for Discovery” encompasses the company’s collective inspiration, outlook, and culture. Our Core Values provide a base for our corporate culture:

  • Global / Local
  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Entrepreneurs
Khiri Reach, our non-profit arm, aims to help the disadvantaged in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. We have dedicated, on-going People and Planet projects in each country – managed by our passionate Khiri Ambassadors. We leverage our business network throughout Southeast Asia to link donors and volunteers with NGOs and community service projects.

How we do it

  • we get involved in local communities
  • we coordinate with local NGOs and projects
  • we cover overhead
  • we identify bona fide projects that need funding
  • we advise donors and volunteers
100% of donations go to beneficiary projects.
Khiri covers all overhead.

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