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KC Hoppe & Kathleen Cook-Hunter Form the KCH Travel Portfolio

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KC   Hoppe   &   Kathleen   Cook-­‐Hunter,   two   travel   industry   insiders,   have   partnered   together   to   form   the KCH   Travel   Portfolio,   a   sales   representation   and   marketing   consulting   company   designed   for   niche   and   specialty  travel  providers.  The  firm  manages  a  distinguished  portfolio  and  offers  more  than  20  years  of   experience  and  expertise  in  the  U.S.  luxury  and  leisure  travel  markets.

The   team   has   strong,   long-­‐standing   relationships   with   the   top   producers,   key   influencers   and   decision   makers  in  the  travel  industry.  KC  and  Kathleen  work  on  their  client’s behalf to increase brand awareness and   market   share.   They   consult   with   each   client   to   create   a   custom-­‐designed   and   cost-­‐effective   action   plan   that   provides   clarity   and   focus.   Each   plan   is   strategic   and   guides   clients   to   the   ultimate   goal-  growth  with  sustainable  results.

Areas  of  Expertise

  • Sales Representation & Industry Networking
  • Strategic  Marketing  &  Branding
  • Business Development
  • Product & Sales Training
  • Consortium Navigation

KC  and  Kathleen  have  collaborated  on  a  vast  array  of  initiatives  over  the  past  ten  years,  including  sales   calls,  client   nights,   industry   events   and   trade   shows,   business   development,   project   management,   joint   marketing   plans,   familiarization   trips,   and   more.   Each   has   represented   award-­‐winning   luxury   travel   companies   for   decades.   Their   combined   talents,   contacts   and   knowledge   offer   travel   providers   a   comprehensive  solution  for  representation  in  the  US  marketplace.

To  learn  more  about  the  KCH  Travel  Portfolio,  please  email  [email protected]  or  call  510.502.9884

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