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Kayak Ecuador

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POST FB KAYAK-01-1Kayak Ecuador is a travel agency/inbound operator that welcomes all whitewater enthusiasts and sports travel agencies who want to discover the best of Ecuador! We provide an all-included experience, with premium transfers in which our guests, accompanied by experienced local kayakers & rafters get to know the country’s premium whitewater rivers, rich culture and historical background, taste the local gastronomy, relax and enjoy a the Ecuadorian experience.

We design kayaking and rafting experiences across Ecuador, because of its incredible white water rivers, proximity between rides, amazing landscapes and easygoing wether.

Ecuador is considered to be one of the most bio diverse countries in the world and home of world class whitewater rivers, this makes Ecuador the perfect scenario for kayakers and rafters around the world who want to explore new rivers or learn how to kayak in a great environment. It doesn’t matter if you are a class V boater or you just want to learn how to roll and go down class II rivers, we have the right tour for you. Here are some of our tours:

Kayak School: For 7 days learn the basics of whitewater kayaking with our certified instructors and guides. Check a couple of things from the check list and we will take care of the rest! After 7 days you will be ready to paddle class II-III rivers with our instructors!

kayak_ecuador_finalJungle Skills: This trip is designed for kayakers who are starting and want to improve their skills. Ecuador is the perfect place to run many class II and III rivers, where the consequences are few but the fun is great.Your abilities to start running rivers class III after this trip will be remarkable. (7 days, all included)

Buena Linea: If you have skills to run rivers class III-IV, you want to enjoy warm water and incredible fun and continuous rivers, this is the trip for you! “Good Line” is a perfect trip to improve your skills as a kayaker, meet new rivers in the jungle, enjoy beautiful landscapes and eat new and tasty food! (7 days, all included)

Welcome to the Jungle: This trip is designed for experienced kayakers that are able to paddle rivers up to class IV +, seeking to discover new rivers, landscapes and live the amazing experience of rowing in the Amazon jungle. (7 days, all included)

Rafting Tours: We provide rafting tours starting at Class II day tours up to class IV 3 day expeditions.

Primary Markets:

  • EEUU
  • Canada
  • Europe

Our main goal is to create solid partnerships with other agencies and tour operators around the world, in order to present our products to a broader audience. We welcome bookings agencies and we are open to create customizable experiences for our partners. We are part of the ATTA because we want get in touch with the best adventures tourism agencies around the world to show our products and incredible rivers!

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