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Journey Mexico Leads the Way with Cultural Travel in Mexico

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Zachary Rabinor and the Tourism Minister

A longtime champion of Mexico’s off-the-beaten-path cultural and natural wonders, Journey Mexico is excited to assist Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism with the promotion of Mexico as more than just a “Sun and Sand” destination. JM President, Zachary Rabinor, and Director of Operations, Matteo Luthi, were recently invited by Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon, to his home, Los Pinos, for the unveiling of Mexico’s newest marketing program: “Routes of Mexico.”

The Routes of Mexico campaign focuses on highlighting the country’s many archeological, cultural, wildlife, and nature sites as well as the 29 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that Mexico has to offer. At their Destinations Page, you can search for trips to all of the regions of Routes of Mexico and more.

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