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Journey Adventure

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For travelers, Guatemala represents a fascinating mix where they will find an abundance of ecosystems, mystical Mayan cities and a country full of culture and folklore.

Journey Adventure is a full service tour operator that specializes in tailor-made itineraries. Our aim is to create unique and unforgettable travel experiences throughout Guatemala. By being able to adjust to the traveler’s needs, we create experiences more than vacations and therefore manage expectations very closely.

We are proud to say that we work with the best hotels, expert guides and excellent transportation throughout Guatemala.

No matter where the traveler’s interest lies, we manage to provide every imaginable scenario. Therefore we rather call ourselves “the experience planner”.

We are a sustainable travel committed tour operator, therefore committed to the environment and the culture of the great people that bring the diversity of cultures Guatemala. We believe in giving something back to the communities to help their development and in the protection of our environment.

We are a company built on a strong foundation of values and customer service that involves from the first contact to the last day of the travel. Safety is our number one priority and our commitment to our customers.

As a tour operator, we offer a wide variety of unique activities and programs that make an unforgettable experience from learning Spanish to culture, archaeological and adventure tours, allowing us to fit any budget from VIP luxury to budget minded, our goal is to offer the best service to our clients as we are what we are because of them and the trust they deposit in our company.

Let us welcome you to Guatemala, land of the eternal spring, clouded forest and mystical Mayan cities, we hope as a company to fulfill all the expectations and be able to serve your clients as deserved.

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