Icelandic Collaboration Leads to the Samaya Project: Film & Photography

31 March 2015

7-samaya-teamIcelandic Mountain Guides and enecco OUTDOORS have collaborated to create Samaya – traces of being human, an ambitious photos and film project. Headed by photographer Klaus Fengler, filmmaker Franz Walter and Andrea Hitzemann from enecco OUTDOORS, the creative team traveled to Iceland in early December 2015 to capture the island’s nature, biodiversity and human presence as an element of the fragile ecosystem.

8-samaya-art-biking-icelandThe photographs feature athletes as fleeting visitors on earth. By playing with the different media, the project blurs the lines between film and photography. The Samaya project focuses on issues of reflection and sustainability in sustainable development -- both economically and philanthropically. The leading question is how to define humans in the context of nature.

In February 2015, the project was presented in its entirety at ISPO in Munich for the first time. More information is at