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Holiday River Expeditions Celebrates Earth Day With a Discount for Guests and a Donation to Living Rivers

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San-Juan-River-Earth-DayRespect for the wilderness. To Holiday River Expeditions that means using oars on rafts, never outboard motors. It also is reflected in the first sentence of their mission statement, “[our] goal is to preserve our nation’s wild lands.” What a more meaningful time to pursue that objective than mid-April when the U.S. and 193 other countries come together to celebrate Earth Day and worldwide support of environmental protection.

Wanting to give back to the rivers they float on as well as past and future guests who come along for the journey, Holiday River Expeditions is offering a limited-time promotion. For anyone booking a Utah river trip between April 11-22, 2016, a 5% discount off the normal rate will be applied. In addition, the company will donate another 5% to the environmental nonprofit Living Rivers in support of their important river protection work.

San-Juan-River-Rafting-Oar-Rafts“In the West we and 40 million other Americans rely on the Colorado River Watershed to let us float, light up homes and businesses and live comfortably in a desert environment. With mounting demands on the watershed and the threat of increasing climate instability, it is a vital time to plan for the future and defend these rivers from looming water diversions, draconian dams, energy development and climate impacts,” explains Holiday Trip Director Lauren Wood.

Living Rivers’ work is entirely focused on preserving and protecting the Colorado River Watershed which includes all of the rivers Holiday River Expeditions runs on the Colorado Plateau in Utah; the Colorado, Green, San Juan and Yampa Rivers. The nonprofit based in Moab, UT is the watchdog for the most endangered river system in America.

“This is Holiday’s way of wishing everyone a “Happy Earth Day!”  To help others experience and appreciate the wild places we explore while also protecting them for generations to come. These rivers are our heritage. Hopefully their salvation can become part of our legacy,” shared Wood.

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