H+I Adventures Partners with Global Rescue for Safer Adventure

3 March 2015

Global Rescue now included in all H+I Adventures mountain biking tours

201310_namibia0647.135522H+I Adventures has aligned with Global Rescue, a world-class emergency service provider that offers medical and security evacuation assistances and destination reports. Global Rescue will be included on all H+I Adventures trips, whether it is an advanced biker’s journey to Ecuador, or a beginner’s ride in Namibia.

“The safety of our mountain bikers is our utmost priority,” said Euan Wilson, Director, H+I Adventures. “In partnering with Global Rescue, we ensure that wherever our travellers ride, they will be taken care of in the most professional and secure way possible. The comprehensive service provides the peace of mind to enjoy our mountain biking adventures to the fullest, from the time you choose your trip to the day you return home."

FR7D1269.125125Global Rescue delivers world-class emergency services, including detailed reports on more than 200 countries to help travellers prepare for their bike tour, to medical evacuations and security extractions when needed most. H+I Adventures guides have full day and night access to Global Rescue’s team of physicians, paramedics and John Hopkins Medicine, a prestigious global health network, to help provide immediate solutions for travellers.

Global Rescue intelligence ensures that H+I Adventures guides around the world are trained to react and anticipate potential threats. In the event of an emergency, Global Rescue will be on-hand to provide skilled support and evacuation services.

Mountain bikers will be put at ease knowing that Global Rescue and H+I Adventures is fully prepared to provide emergency and evacuation services in areas where natural disasters may strike or where security is compromised. Global Rescue’s services are now included in every standard mountain biking package from H+I Adventures.