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H2Outfitters Collaborates with Montbell Japan, Tourism Industry to Collect Outdoor Supplies for Japan

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ATTA member, Jeff Cooper of H2Outfitters, is requesting fellow members of the organization and other industry groups to join in the efforts of the Montbell outdoor company to establish an efficient relief initiative.  In the words of Montbell’s president, Isamu Tatsuno:
Outdoor GIENTAI was formed at the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which occurred in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture on January 17,1995, and provided humble contributions that we could make at that time.  This time, the damage is more widespread and will require a long-term support, but we believe it’s important to start with what we can do now.  We appreciate all your assistance and contribution.
Cooper, a long time friend of Tatsuno-san, will be coordinating the effort here in the US. Montbell has indicated that they are ill equipped to handle hundreds of small donations but can accept consolidated shipments of supplies… in other words a small number of large quantities are more efficiently handled when received by them in Japan. For this reason Cooper has volunteered H2Outfitters as a clearing house in order to coordinate the contributions of supplies to be forwarded to Montbell headquarters.  Tents, sleeping bags, water purification, and non perishable foods will be the best choices. Cooper will also be distributing a flier (above, right) at the industry Canoe & Kayak Expo this coming weekend to help increase donations.
Those who would prefer or find it easier to send a cash donation can contact Cooper directly at [email protected] and he will arrange to convert any such donation into the necessary supplies, or provide the bank information Montbell has specified for such donations. The advantage here is that contributors can be certain the full extent of their donations are being utilized for which they were intended.  All donations will be accounted for with receipts and recognition.
For further information please go to the Montbell “Outdoor Gientai” section of their website :

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