Global Basecamps

25 March 2011

Global Basecamps is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and simplifying independent travel to the world's most beautiful and desirable destinations. We firmly believe that conservation and capitalism can work hand in hand to protect the planet's cultural and ecological resources and that independent travel furthers the exchange of the ideas, understanding and common heritage necessary to create positive change. The best trips involve multiple stops, multiple environments and multiple experiences. We strive to simplify the process of researching and booking sustainable hotels, lodges and private tours worldwide. Whether hiking the Inca Trail, experiencing a traditional Japanese Ryokan, or relaxing on the beaches of Thailand, Global Basecamps will design a completely customized itinerary to match your travel style and trip priorities. Our high-level of customer service and commitment to responsible travel allows your conscious to travel at ease.

Our services include:

  • Sustainable hotels and lodges
  • Safaris, treks & small-ship cruising
  • Custom private itinerary creation
  • Expert advice and logistics planning
  • Green honeymoons
  • Private special interest tours
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