Geographic Travel Club provides new product: Heli-skiing in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran

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Winter 2010/2011 Armenian leading adventure tour operator Geographic Travel Club will offer a new product for experienced backcountry skiers who aim to explore new slopes – Heli-skiing in Armenia – as the result of many requests from partners, after they visited Armenia for Ski-touring. Armenia has large mountain ranges with hundreds of summits between 3,000-4,000 meters and in the wintertime the snow cover on the mountain slopes is great.

According to the company’s vision after the upcoming winter season, Armenia is going to be quite competitive with the neighbors who do Heli-skiing in Georgia, Turkey and Iran. The programs will be organized on the highest mountains of Armenia like Mt. Aragats (4100m), Geghama mountain range with its highest peak Azhdahak (3597m) and Mt Ishkhanasar (3550m). Options will include Heli-skiing and Ski-touring on the different mountains.

The best period for the program is from February 10 to March 15, but it also may be recommended from Jan 1 to March 30. The 30-45 angle volcanic slopes, not cut by the cliffs are best for advanced skiers to have a fun. The ski-resorts of city Tsaghkadzor and city Jermuk are near to the mountain missives where the programs will be held, so the group can ski on the piste when at the mountains the weather is no so good for backcountry.

“We have adopted a new strategy to combine all of our programs with the neighbors: Georgia, Turkey and Iran, which will give our clients a chance to visit these unique landscapes in one trip, and our Heli-skiing program may be combined with extension programs,” says Mkhitar Mkhitaryan, Outdoor Tour Manager of Geographic Travel Club.

In that case you have an opportunity to ski on the highest mounts of each country: Mt Aragats and Azhdahak in Armenia, Mt Kazbek and Gudauri ski-resort massive in Georgia, Mt Ararat and Kackars in Turkey, Mt Damavend in Iran. Helicopter tours by Armenian sky will also be offered.

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4 Comments to Geographic Travel Club provides new product: Heli-skiing in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran

  1. We would love to host Northern Escape’s experts in upcoming winter so that they can share with us their great experience in Heli-skiing field.

  2. We are main operator of Heliskiing in Georgia and it makes me wonder how this program can work? Until now there is also no information on geotravel website….. ;-(

  3. Yes, the info is missing in our website for which we are sorry. On upcoming February we’re going to do two tests in Armenia with our partners on the mentioned areas, and after that the certain programs will be put in our website. We hope, from Jan 25 to March 15, to be ready to provide service for clients.
    Though our Georgian partners have provided Heli-skiing programs, we are very glad to meet your company “EastWolf”.
    Please contact us if you are interested in to cooperate with us [email protected]

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