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Galway to Greenland 2013 – Irish Adventurers to Set Sail for Arctic Circle

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Preparations are currently underway for an ambitious and exciting expedition from Galway to Greenland this summer. Organised by Killary Adventure Expeditions, ‘North of Disko’ will see a crew of sailors, kayakers, climbers, a photographer and filmmaker set sail for the northwest coast of Greenland in mid June.

The crew aim to cover the 1500nm to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, in about 14 days and then continue north, reaching Upernavik, well inside the Arctic Circle, a week later. From there, a team of four will set out on a 300km unsupported sea kayak, navigating through fjords and ice fields, while the team of three climbers will begin to tackle a series of first accents, as they follow the kayakers south.

Adding a further dimension to the expedition, photographer Daragh Muldowney aims to explore and capture the beauty of this spectacular coastline, with the aim of publishing a book and hosting an exhibition upon return. The entire expedition and its achievements will also be documented through film.

Leading the crew on board the 49ft, ex admirals cup racing yacht the ‘Killary Flyer’ is Jamie Young, whose previous expeditions include the successful Irish Cape Horn Sea Kayak Expedition in 1989, the Guinea Bissau Sea Kayak Expedition in 1992, and the ‘South Aris’ expedition, which attempted to re-enact Shackleton’s epic boat trip from Elephant Island to South Georgia, in 1997.

The crew is mixed in age and experience and includes four young twenty-somethings embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, as well as seasoned kayakers Ali Donald, Kevin O’Callaghan and climber Collin Gibbon.

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1 Comment to Galway to Greenland 2013 – Irish Adventurers to Set Sail for Arctic Circle

  1. I am lucky enough to be one of the “Young Twenty Somethings” asked to go on this expedition.

    This can become one of the most exciting expeditions attempted to this part of the world. We hope to engage and encourage people of all ages to think about and approach the outdoors in new ways.

    With the prospect a five day sailing course in Hamble near Southampton this week, I am hoping to bring my tacking and jibing into line the other participants. As my excitement grows so too does my fear.

    Keep up to date with the expedition at

    Wish us luck!

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