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Expo Aventura y Ecoturismo has been key in consolidating this important sector in Mexico, it is supported by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, the Mexican Tourism Board and the Mexican Association of Adventure and Ecotourism AMTAVE, who are working hand in hand to support and develop the Outdoor activities in Mexico, convinced of the enormous benefits in the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage.

“Given its geographic location, Mexico is a country rich in natural resources. Set between two oceans, with irregular mountainous terrain, the diversity of scenery and climate is enormous. Forests, jungles and deserts; rivers, waterfalls, underground water currents, lagoon systems and reefs; snow capped volcanoes, deep ravines and swamps. All of these are spectacular natural scenarios that exist in our territory.

In addition, Mexico is a country of biological megadiversity. Two biographic regions meet here, the Neartic and the Neotropical, which propitiate the presence of an enormous variety of species and a high degree of endism (species found exclusively in a particular region). Thus it is possible to find cactuses, conifers and tropical forest varieties; local and migratory birds; mammals, reptiles, mushrooms and insects as well as a wealth of other flora and fauna.” Natura Mexicana, published by Bancomext

Mexico is one of 10 countries with mega diversity The Gulf of California has 35% of the marine mammals in the world Mexico has 9 of the 11 ecosystems recognized in the world. Mexico is number one in diversity of reptiles Mexico has 11,000 miles of coast More than 80 natural reserves

Expo Aventura y Ecoturismo is the once a year meeting place for the different states, operators, consultants, wholesalers and tourism professionals that understand and promote nature based tourism, aware of its growing importance in the world markets.

Mexico has traditionally positioned itself as a beach and sand destination, with this specialized trade show and the work of AMTAVE, the Mexican Association of Adventure and Ecotourism, Mexico is exploring and presenting a entirely new focus on its multiple destinations. More than 25 states and 150 operators will gather at the Expo and present activities and tours that are completely new and unknown to the national and international markets.

With more and more travellers seeking a unique experience, we understand the importance of bringing together the different actors that need to get to know each other and establish the alliances necessary for the complete product to be packaged for the international tourist. American and Canadian tour operators can find unexplored sites as well as adventure destinations that will complement their annual travel programs with a fair climate all year around. The local operators are made up of a great variety of profiles, from the medium sized company with full services, through the small family enterprises or the individual tour guides, up to the community and local organizations who can provide only some of the services, taking into account the traditions, the charm and local flavour needed to make it an interesting visit and a true “eco” experience.

The best way to contact, get to know personally, interact and negotiate with these counterparts in Mexico is on a one to one basis and this is complicated and expensive due to the diversity of destinations and to geographical distances. Expo Aventura y Ecoturismo presents the ideal opportunity for an outfitter to get an overall look at all the different sites of Mexico, the products and services they are offering and the possibility of setting up fam trips with the local operators and creating working alliances that will be of great benefit to both parties.

Expo Aventura y Ecoturismo is organized by Tradex Exposiciones Internacionales, a company dedicated to the organization of a wide variety of trade shows with 25 years of experience. Tradex specializes in shows that work closely with the industries it represents, organizing parallel conferences, round tables and seminars that will strengthen and consolidate it`s members and open new markets.

The day before the expo, the 1st of June, there will be a day dedicated to the marketing of the nature based product, directed to operators, consultants and communities. The program will present the results of a specialized market study, different proposals as to how to develop a nature-based tourism product and how to market it and a panel of international outfitters who will share their experiences of working with Mexico and Central and South American operators, the needs of the experienced traveller and how to improve and negotiate the opportunities of servicing these international markets.

During the expo there will be an open forum for product presentations and videos as well a conference program for interested public about geological and astronomical phenomena.

AMTAVE is the national Association, established 12 years ago and whose principal activity is to promote training programs for the local operators at all levels and through its’ web site www.amtave.orgconnect it’s members with the interested parties.

More information about the expo, registration form and hotel information at :

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