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EXPEDICIONES.MX is a marketplace for nature and adventure traveling in Mexico. We aggregate tour operators in our platform and bring them together with individual travellers.

We aim to become a solution for all parties involved. For tourists, we offer easiness and safety – and for service providers, we offer cost reductions.

When we talk about easiness we refer to the process of searching and finding incredible experiences to enrich trips, fast and without having to browse millions of different webpages. We give people a wide range of activities, in different regions of the country and with different level of physical requirements, all of them gathered in the same online space. We aim to refine the purchasing process within our site to make it easy for customers to navigate and find exactly what they want in little time. By easiness we also mean rendering the booking and paying process fast and simple, offering quick response to their enquiries and multiple payment methods.

Our second value proposition for customers is safety. Where by curating the experiences we publish in our website we are able to offer tours of the highest quality with tour operators that work with international safety standards and offer a great personal experience. This way, we work as a friend recommending a trip they took and loved. On the buying process side, safety refers to the way we manage client information and partner with companies to ensure safe transactions.

For those that we regard as our partners, we aim to drive volume to their business in the individual traveler segment. We believe that by grouping different tour operators we enable cross marketing, where customers that went for one excursion come back for something else they found on EXPEDICIONES.MX. We also aim to reduce costs related to customer relationship management by handling individual reservation enquiries and administrating the purchasing process, while providing tour operators with the specific information they need and allowing them to focus on providing a great service.

On the Macro side, we believe that tourism should bring wellbeing to everyone involved in the process. We believe that local communities should benefit from their natural and cultural richness; they should be able to have respectable living standards from it and work for its conservation. We also believe that traveling is always an opportunity to grow and discover new things, and taking part in fulfilling activities is essential for that. A great experience during a trip makes you fall in love with the place you visit and we believe that as tourists every person has the responsibility to work for the conservation of the places they visit, ensuring its survival for future generations.

We are interested in building networks with service providers working in Mexico to professionalize the industry in the country so that it can become a reference point for adventure and nature travelling in the world. We hope to be able to offer the same service in Latin America in the near future.

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