ExOfficio® and Insect Shield® to Provide Global Health Partners With BugsAway® Uniform Shirts

28 July 2014
Photo © ExOfficio

Seattle, WA - ExOfficio, a leading manufacturer of adventure travel apparel, has partnered with Insect Shield Repellent Technology and Sunshell Manufacturing to provide uniforms to the global volunteers at Medical Teams International and World Concern.

With input from Derek Sciba, Senior Director of Annual Programs at World Concern, the design team at ExOfficio created a shirt that was lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and resilient to the wear-and-tear from long days in the field.  As part of the partnership, Insect Shield will provide treatment of the uniforms with their long-lasting, EPA-registered repellent technology, while Sunshell Manufacturing will cover the sewing costs.  Those who work in the global health arena are especially at risk for malaria, dengue fever and other devastating insect-borne diseases, so protection from mosquitos is extremely important. “We recently had a country director come down with malaria, so the threat of mosquito borne disease is real,” Sciba said.  This partnership will result in more than 2,000 uniforms for World Concern and Medical Teams International to wear in the field as they conduct their important humanitarian work.

"ExOfficio partners with Medical Teams International by equipping our disaster response teams with field-tested essential gear specially designed for the often difficult environments in which we operate. Thanks to their generous support, our teams are well protected from sun and insects as they provide urgent medical care to those impacted by disaster, conflict and poverty." Jeff Pinneo, President and CEO, Medical Teams International

"We love ExOfficio clothes because of their durability, breathability and BugsAway Insect Shield insect protection. World Concern chooses to help people in remote locations. Our staff generally endures extreme heat and sun, roughing it in harsh environments, where washing machines are definitely not available. But even after years of use, our staff shirts still look great. We wash them in sinks and rivers, hang drying them wherever we happen to be. We need gear as tough as our mission, and ExOfficio clothes are up to the challenge." Derek Sciba, Senior Director of Annual Programs, World Concern