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EXO Stops Offering Wet Wipes

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Beginning January 2019, EXO Travel will take a bold step towards reducing our environmental footprint by discontinuing the use of wet wipes or wet tissue during tours.

While wet cool wipes offer guests a refreshing touch after a visit, we believe that the long-term negative impact on our destinations and our planet outweighs the short-term benefits.

Wet wipes are not only wrapped in plastic packaging, they also contain plastic fibers which degrade into microplastics and pollute the environment.

EXO Travel has reached out to its partners and suppliers to support this step in changing its practices towards more sustainable travel. Together with its partners, they are looking to work towards maintaining the region’s natural attributes and to drive more sustainable business to the region so that future generations can enjoy them.

This initiative is the DMC’s latest step in reducing single-use plastic waste.

Go here to read more about this initiative.

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