Everett Potter's Travel Report Interviews Maria Elena Price of ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours

25 June 2012

Maria Elena Price, owner of member company ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours, was recently interviewed on Everett Potter's Travel Report. Here's a small excerpt:

EP: Do you think adventure travel is becoming less adventurous and more focused on creature comforts?

MEP: I think the brand “Adventure Travel” is becoming an ever increasing broad label. To a certain extent, if a traveler feels like what they are doing is adventurous then who is to say it shouldn’t be considered adventure travel?  We generally think of ourselves as more of an active travel company – some might not consider it adventurous unless we were bicycling through lion infested forests – but bicycling 30 – 50 miles a day is very active!  I think that travelers just need to make sure they know there are different styles of travel that fall under the broader title adventure travel.

We couldn't agree more, Maria Elena!