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Elevate Destinations, A Pioneer in the Green Travel Industry, Announces its Innovative “Buy A Trip, Give a Trip” Program

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For every trip that travelers purchase, Elevate Destinations organizes a corresponding trip that allows children in developing world destinations to enjoy some of the same excursions as tourists.

Example trips include helping young people in South Africa visit Robben Island, children in Peru to climb Machu Picchu, or Kenyans to see an elephant for the first time.

Partnering with local NGOs, and in-country travel suppliers, Elevate sponsors outings for youth groups that otherwise would have no way of seeing some of the sights that draw thousands of tourists to their countries every year.  Visiting historical sites and getting up close with wildlife is an immeasurable contribution to local youth who are looking to understand the society they live in and better their lives.

Taking Buy-one-give-one to a New Level

Building on the model of TOMS shoes or Warby Parker glasses, Elevate is charting new territory and bringing the buy-one-give-one model away from physical objects and towards experiences. Where other B1G1 companies focus on consumer goods, we believe that experiences hold greater power to change lives and create social impact.

Rather than giving away an object, we share the power of travel and connection with the environment. Our goal is not to replace basic needs, but to permit local youth to understand the society they live in and access new horizons.

Expanding the buy-one-give-one model to include experiences is the beginning of a trend.  We will start to see more companies doing this in the coming years, and Elevate is proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

People have often said that the model would never work for travel, but we’ve found a way to break those preconceived notions.  Luxury travelers can plan their holidays, while knowing that they are sharing the joy of travel with young people in developing countries – by doing so, we change lives and preserve resources for generations to come.

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