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New & Unusual: DuVine Adventures Launches the First Bike Jersey into Space

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Boston, MA – DuVine Adventures is pleased to announce the successful launching of the first bike jersey into space on November 25, 2011.

On themorning of Friday, November 25th a crew from Space For All arrived to a launch site at a lakeside park in Springfield, IL. Over the course of two hours, they engaged in pre-flight procedures for testing their electronics and ensuring a properly balanced payload. At 12:50 CST, a DuVine Adventures bike jersey and photographic equipment, connected with a large custom aluminum superstructure, were launched from the site using a helium balloon (the size of a small car) towards the edge of space.

Over the next thirty minutes, the balloon continued its ascent through the atmosphere to near-space altitudes of over 100,000 feet. At a predicted maximum altitude of 105,000 feet, the balloon burst, sending the DuVine bike jersey and its tracking equipment hurling back towards the earth. The parachute automatically deployed, slowing the payload to a gentle fall back to earth.

DuVine Adventures’ jersey in space mission is a reflection of their own mission statement: no detail too small, no surprise too extraordinary, no nuance too subtle – and now, add to that, no destination too unreachable. A unique journey offering a new perspective and an adventure of a lifetime; in essence, a metaphor for DuVine style – going above and beyond to deliver unforgettable experiences. DuVine Adventures was recently recognized by Atout France as having the best travel website.

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