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Dream Outdoors

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Established in 2004, Dream Outdoors is an Experience Management Company focused on providing consulting, design, and execution of extraordinary experiences for individuals, families, and corporations. We work with our clients through a proprietary process to identify their unique lifestyle passions, travel interests, personal or professional goals to customize the best travel experiences available in every market around the world. Sharing your love for and commitment to experiencing the world, we and our global network of partners provide one of a kind experiences for families, friends and colleagues whether for special occasions or simply the pursuit of their passions. No matter where your journey leads you, the Dream Outdoors seal represents a community dedicated to quality, authenticity and service excellence.

Although we provide client travel solutions in many interest and regional areas, our main focus is on;

Active Experiences – Outdoor enthusiasts today actively engage with the world, whether through culture, passions or nature. Dream Outdoors’ Active Experiences range from Golf, Rafting and Heli-Skiing to Kayaking, Eco-tourism, Trekking, Voluntourism and much more. Touch, taste, hear, and actively experience the world.

Sporting Experiences – Exotic game, unique locations. Pursue perdiz over pointing dogs in Uruguay or cast a fly to an elusive permit off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. For the ultimate in sporting travel Dream Outdoors takes you there and manages every detail. We specialize in Wingshooting, Waterfowl Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Salt and Fresh Water Fishing experiences around the globe.

Corporate Solutions – Many organizations struggle to make their meetings and incentives a strategic tool to drive results because of improper planning, the misalignment of business objectives, or lack a clear understanding of their participant’s interests. Dream Outdoors’ partners with corporations to create effective strategies and solutions focused on business goals and lifestyle passions. Whether you have seasoned resources that are looking for new creative solutions to drive results, or looking to expand your team’s capabilities without expanding your overhead, Dream Outdoors provides Fortune 500-level experience. A Dream Outdoors experience is meant to further your corporate vision, strengthen your most important client relationships, and reward top achievers in a manner that makes them embrace even greater success.

A Positive Partnership in a Negative Economy- The ROC Collection

We’ve always felt that there was a strategic element missing in many corporate events and that if positioned more effectively, corporations would see a much greater value in their strategic meeting plans. From 2004 to 2008 our team broadcast the message to the meeting and incentive community “Think Strategic Before It’s Too Late”. Then, tragically, “too late” was finally here and the economic downturn struck us all. These challenging times and new government “TARP” initiatives have forced many Corporate Executives and Meeting Professionals to re-visit their strategies ensuring decisions are driven by true business objectives at all levels—and that expenditures are tied to real returns. This has added additional stress on adventure travel supplier’s who are many times already seen as luxury providers rather than effective corporate tools.

At Dream Outdoors we believe that the future of more effective experiential corporate travel rests in a supplier’s ability to know the business objectives of its partners and integrate those diverse interests and objectives into a cohesive and productive travel experience. We practiced these standards of responsibility and effectiveness long before the current economic challenges that called all corporate travel and events into question. Our foundation has not changed and we are still focused on our strategic goal of assisting organizations to create return through unique experiences. We believe that destination based professional development, executive retreat, client appreciation, and employee incentive experiences are now more effective and important than ever before. At the Executive level, organizations are excited about a boutique partner that can provide them strategy and unique concepts without the long term contracts and high costs of larger firms.

In September 2009, Dream Outdoors will launch the “ROC Collection”, a unique portfolio of corporate active and sporting experiences that allow event participants an opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle passion while learning, networking, developing, and recognizing. These experiences offer organizations a wonderfully effective opportunity to continue utilizing unique destination events to meet their corporate objectives.

For ROC Collection active and adventure suppliers, a Dream Outdoors communications partnership offers an accelerated marketing niche and a smart value to boost business in these challenging times. By pooling resources and working together in the best interest of the collection, we have created an extremely targeted audience at sales events, through marketing publications, and also online. Your commitment to the collection offers expanded marketing reach through a combination of qualified email and direct marketing, regional sales events, and online presence as part of a portfolio of exceptional experiences.

The success of the collective marketing efforts will be gauged on increased opportunities. Our goal is not to find a way to sell to everyone through what we call “feature function selling”, but rather work with select partners that are ready for solutions and innovation. At Dream Outdoors we select partnerships with organizations interested in a small team of individuals with a large range of custom strategic capabilities. Through our knowledge of experiential learning, active travel industry, meetings marketplace and corporate objective needs, our team offers a unique approach when reviewing destination options.

We hope that ATTA supplier members will consider partnering with Dream Outdoors to expand the collection’s capability and most importantly our market share in the Corporate Meeting and Incentive space. Todd Gehrke – Director Leisure & Corporate Experiences – Dream Outdoors

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