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Don’t Miss Out! Project Nominations for 2019 Conservation Funding Due Soon

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The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF), an adventure travel industry nonprofit organization, could not be more pleased to be embarking upon the third year of grant funding with project nominations due by Friday, May 17th. ATCF member organizations are invited to submit projects that demonstrate lasting, sustainable and ripple effecting changes that protect and enhance the adventure tourism industry.

2017 Grant Winner Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Project (GPOCP) thanks to project funding, planted 1,800 trees in the Gunung Palung National Park (GPNP) area of Indonesia in 2018. In addition, GPOCP facilitated 50 conservation and educational workshops throughout the year – reaching 4,500 local community members – addressing methods for protecting one of the most important orangutan habitat areas left in the world.

Started three years ago, The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund was founded to unite organizations in the adventure travel and outdoor retailer industries to support and catalyze conservation and environmental protection efforts all over the world. Since its inception in 2017, the organization has awarded $215k towards 9 projects in 8 countries in just two short years. The diverse constituency of member organizations – from tour operators, accommodations, direct marketing organizations, travel agencies and nonprofits – provides the ATCF the channel to listen and hear from a wide spectrum of organizations and the platform to support and enable projects that make a positive impact for adventure travel destinations.

The ATCF is structured to empower member organizations with the opportunity to nominate and vet the best possible conservation projects in order for projects pursued to deliver real and meaningful differences. The ATCF steps in by funding the approved projects and continues to monitor, measure and document the impacts of these projects for a year following the initial funding. Member organizations receive regular updates on projects and quarterly progress reports that they can broadcast and share to demonstrate how they are working with their industry and local communities to produce sustainable change. Each year the amount of funding available is dependent upon the funds raised through membership dues, 100 percent of which go directly toward funding projects. The ATCF also depends on their member organizations to nominate worthy projects capable of protecting and enhancing natural and cultural resources of travel destinations that meet funding criteria.

We encourage ATCF member organizations to nominate up to two projects for funding consideration. Once the May 17th deadline for project nominations closes, the ATCF will contact each of the organizations that were nominated to provide a full application packet and invite them to submit a grant request. These organizations will have until mid-June to complete and submit their RFP project application to the ATCF.

The ATCF thanks its current members and invites new members to join the community of other change agents in bringing about even bigger, deeper and longer lasting change for the adventure travel industry. New members have the chance to join a select group of more than seventy member organizations leading and directing conservation efforts throughout the world. To learn more about nominating a project or becoming a member, please read about projects and membership details and feel free to email any questions to [email protected].

Project nominations close May 17! Check out past ATCF grant winners for examples of successful projects.

To nominate a project, ATCF members should complete the quick and easy nomination form by 17 May. Only projects nominated by ATCF members will be considered. Organizations that would like to nominate a project for 2019 funding, but are not yet members of the ATCF are encouraged to sign up for membership as soon as possible.

“If you have not yet joined the ATCF, I encourage you to act now,” Cynthia Dunbar, GM of REI Adventures said. “To make the kind of impact we are capable of, we need the voice and inspiration of all businesses in the adventure travel industry. Together, we can be a force for good and truly have a positive impact in conserving these places for future generations.”

After nominations close in mid-May, proposals for project funding will be due mid-June. Voting ballots will be circulated to members in September of this year, and grant winners will be announced the end of October.

For more information about the ATCF, visit or email [email protected]

Contributing members are responsible for the accuracy of content contributed to the Member News section of AdventureTravelNews.

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  1. I am from Papua New Guinea.
    My organization is known as Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc. I have a Biodiversity Conservation project in the region I am based which is “Saruwaged Range Cromwell Biodiversity Conservation Project in the Morobe Province in PNG.

    I am looking for opportunities or funding support to conduct feasibility studies and research for its development.

    I am Defol Jabbar (Mr). I can be contacted on:

    e: [email protected] or [email protected].
    ph: +675 79065582.
    web: http//;
    f:// Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc

    Look forward.

    Yours kindly

    Defol Jabbar
    Executive Officer
    Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc.

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