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Divine Tours of South Africa Offers Glimspe of World Icon Nelson Mandela’s Life with Unique 15-day Tour

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South Africa – Divine Tours will soon begin offering its travelers the opportunity to journey into the life of Nelson Mandela with a unique 15-day tour entitled One Man Can Make a Difference. The only South African tour of its kind, One Man Can Make a Difference takes travelers on a voyage to various places of significance in the life of Nelson Mandela from humble shepherd boy to icon for South Africa and the world.

The 15-day journey begins at the prison on Robben Island in Cape Town and culminates at Freedom Park in Pretoria — a monument to South African icons that include Nelson Mandela and others and their contributions to the Rainbow Nation known as South Africa. Tourists will also be given journals to articulate and memorialize their experiences along the way.

The One Man Can Make a Difference tour will also feature heart warming stories never before told or written and the possible opportunity to meet members of Nelson Mandela’s family. Divine Tour’s 15-day journey of Nelson Mandela’s Life not only promises travellers insight into the life of one of the world’s most influential person, it will also provide insight into the history of the South African people.

By participating in Divine Tours, One Man Can Make a Difference excursion, travellers are contributing to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, as a percentage of your investment are donated to the fund.

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