CNN Highlights Kili Base Adventure's Work to Improve Kilimanjaro Climbs

17 June 2014

Let’s share the good news too

All too often we read about the negative impacts of tourism, the effects of the modern world encroaching upon unspoilt wildernesses and the impacts of the pursuit of wealth at any cost. We should also reflect upon success. Highlight best practise and applaud those involved in achieving positive change. Kilimanjaro seems like an unlikely candidate. However a recent report from CNN uncovers a different side to the story which is rarely spoken about - even amongst hardened travellers and weary travel professionals. Efforts by the local National Parks Authorities (TANAPA) have led to a dramatic improvement on the mountain. Stricter controls, raised awareness, careful management and a combined effort by everyone who makes a living on, from and near the mountain have resulted in reduced waste and a better environment. Kilimanjaro is surely one of many such examples - so let’s share more of these stories and inspire more change.

To learn more about Kilimanjaro, read the recent report from CNN: A win on Kilimanjaro: How Africa's highest peak conquered tourism